Berlinale Series Market 2023: 7 TV Shows Not to Miss

The Berlin Festival’s ever larger three-day Berlinale Series Market kicks off today, Feb. 20. Below just a small selection of the series screening at the Market or in Berlinale Series, the festival strand. The selection could have been much larger.

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Berlinale Series Market Selects


Creator: Cathleen Rouleau

Production company: ComediHa!

Broadcaster: Club illico, TVA (Quebecor)

An insight into the life of a family with all the quirks, highs and lows it entails, tackling a rarely explored theme in fiction: Life with a multi-handicapped child. 

Rouleau: “I didn’t want to write a gut-wrenching story. A good show is wrapped in truth. It doesn’t matter if the hero spits fire from his mouth, as long as he is true to himself.” 


Berlinale Series


Creator, director: Nikolaj Lie Kaas

Production company: Zentropa Productions2

Broadcaster: TV2

Johan’s job is to solve his clients’ problems. Chronically overstretched, he teeters between ingenious plans and absolute chaos.

Lie Kaas: “My plan was to make a funny show. It has to provoke, be intelligent and be personal. It’s sarcastic, a bit dark and ironic. Very Danish, I guess.” 

The Architect

Berlinale Series


Director: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers

Production company: Nordisk Film Production

Broadcaster: Viaplay Group

When a project to build a thousand flats in Oslo is put out to tender, architect Julie has an idea: Why not convert underground car parks into residential buildings? 

Lumer-Klabbers: “By placing ‘The Architect’ in the future, we have the freedom to enhance and enlarge trends that we see in our society today, and explore their consequences.” 

Export Only

Co-Pro Series


Creator, director: Cristina Iliescu

Production company: microFILM Romania

A daughter tries to understand her true self. A mother tries to protect her, all in a border town fuelled by a drug gang run by violent teens. 

Ada Solomon: “We’re interested in nuanced exploration of women’s identity in such families. Getting into series is our company’s attempt to diversify and adapt to the market challenges.


Berlinale Series

Romania, Germany

Creators: Adina Sădeanu, Kirsten Peters 

Production company: Proton Cinema, Mobra Films

Broadcaster: HBO Max, Warner TV Serie

In 1978, a spy from the Eastern Bloc defects to the West. So starts the game of “spy poker” between the CIA, Securitate, KGB and Stasi.

Sădeanu: “Navigating smoothly through a great deal of details, subtext and characters’ power games was quite challenging. They say the devil is in the details, but so is the beauty.”

The Swarm

Berlinale Series (Out of Competition)

German, Belgium

Production company: Schwarm TV Productions

Broadcaster: ZDF, France Télévisions, Rai, Viaplay Group, Hulu Japan, ORF, SRF

In this adaptation of Frank Schätzing’s novel, nature seems to be taking its revenge. A research team becomes humanity’s last hope. 

Doelger: “I was conscious of the approach we had taken on the other ‘big-budget,’ new ‘world defining’ shows, which was to reveal the worlds through the characters’ experience.”


Berlinale Series Market Selects


Creator: Asaph Polonsky 

Showrunners: Amit Cohen, Ron Leshem

Production company: WestEnd Films

Broadcaster: HOT

When a flight vanishes mid-air, a blind intelligence officer is brought in to investigate. His family is among the passengers. From the writers of “Euphoria” and “False Flag.” 

Cohen, Leshem: “We are hoping to deliver a unique mystery that will engage the audience, but we were able to delve into raw human emotions that come with such a tragedy.”

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